Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Dollars

Mountain bikes tend to be extremely flexible. They could be especially employed to haul groceries back home, cruise the particular bike path or perhaps tour the entire world. But their principal usage is to be able to capably manage to get their cyclists through dirty and sinuous trails in mountains safely and quickly. Exactly what is the Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Dollars to suit your needs? The crucial factors: Knowing your own riding style; Knowing your current spending budget; Testing ride a number of bikes.

Compare Report: Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Dollars Of 2016

Making choice among all alternatives can be extremely hard, especially for those who are always plagued by details. So you really need our professional advice to guide you through the mist of uncertainty during the search. Here we’ve picked out several best mountain bikes under $2000 for you.

Reviews: Best Mountain Bikes Under 2000 Of 2016

Scott Spark 760/960 Men’s Mountain Bikes

Best Budget Mountain Bikes Under 2000 DollarsIf you are fed up with being bucked near the local paths on the aged 26-inch hardtail, this Scott Spark 760/960 is really a supremely user-friendly approach to improve to a double suspension steed. Along with the most cost-effective componentry inside the Spark collection, you obtain just about all advantages from the high-end XC screamers—contest set geometry and also ride feel—with an extremely friendly price tag. To tune the particular fit as well as performance qualities for almost all sizes and style of riders, there is an entire buffet of wheels dimension options. Medium sized and sizeable structures can certainly go with either a 27.5 or perhaps 29-inch wheel, whilst smaller frames are restricted to some 27.5 and XL’s have the actual 29er. Should you fall in the medium sized or perhaps sizeable alternatives, select the 27.5 if you like anything a little more playful and also lean toward the actual 29er designed for marginally enhanced rollover with a modest bargain for responsiveness. In virtually any guise, the Spark can be a fast-mover and also a heckuva a great deal squeezing in less than 2k.

More details are as follows:

  1. Front/rear travel: 100mm/100mm (29);120mm/120mm (27.5)
  2. Being always ready for long rides
  3. Average consumer reviews: 4.5 stars out of 5

Consumer Reviews

I bought this bike last summer, until now it still functions well and with all the components working greatly, although I’ve mended and improved it one or two times. But it still is the most effective one among all my purchases. It really is sturdy enough to stand all the bad road conditions. Great option for those enthusiastic riders. Highly recommend!!

Any Other Choice?

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Mountain Bikes Under 2000 DollarsCannondale tosses a bunch of technologies at just about all of their aluminum framework bicycles. This Tango SL 29 2 isn’t any exception, and the actual outcome is a mid-level bicycle that’s light-weight and functions perfectly. It’s made to be a trail cycle, however with 4-inches of lavish travel in the front as well as burly 29-inch wheels, additionally, it can manage rides which are principally downhill. 29ers are generally a poor combination with the smaller sized frame, however, with a distinctive prime tube design, this Tango works effectively, regardless of height of the specific rider. To a few eyes, the exclusive top tube style can be quite a bit cringe worthwhile, nevertheless it provides concrete advantages. The horizontal bar is rather low for any easy standover, and is also supremely firm, providing the bike a praiseworthy feel that far exceeds its affordable price level.

See more details below:

  1. Superior components, firm framework
  2. Tire dimension: 29-inch
  3. Front travel: 100mm
  4. Average consumer reviews: 4.2 stars out of 5

Consumer Reviews

You just cannot imagine you can get one so wonderful mountain bike at this reasonable price. All the components cooperate harmoniously and not a single junction is loose enough to get apart from each other. So far, it hasn’t caused any trouble for me except for some tiring maintenance. But when you think of its overwhelming shining points. Whatever you do, it’s just worthwhile. You really can’t miss this bike if you wanna pursue the most exciting riding experience!


All these two bikes are of the highest quality and at the most reasonable price. You can just choose either one to obtain the utmost riding experience. Wish you find the most suitable one.

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